Daniel Brickman
Cluster Seeds, 2015
rope, resin, sawdust, india ink, acrylic, glitter
a group of 3 works, the largest is 54" across
Generate, 2015
acrylic and pencil on canvas
54 x 54"

The Cloud and the Source, 2015
rope, wood, steel, hardware
site-specific installation at Oakwilde Sculpture Ranch
30 ropes that are anchored to a boulder, then run up to a tensioning fulcrum, then shoot out to a grove of trees, and finally terminate on various stumps
Matrix of the Knot, 2014
ink on paper
12 units, each 18 x 24". total image: 72 x 72"
a composite work made from 12 individual linoleum block prints. The source image is a photo of rope on the floor.